Maintaining a consistent supply of premium seafood requires a far-reaching perspective. Seamax Global’s strength in the global marketplace is rooted in our extensive investments in commercial fishing vessels, refrigerated carriers and processing facilities, as well as strong relationships with our trade partners in Europe,
Asia and the Americas. By combining these assets with superior management and financial acumen, Seamax Global has become a trusted and reliable source of quality seafood for our partners around the globe.

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Our Canadian farms have developed a premium salmon offering renowned for its superior quality across North America. Our proximity to the United States, Canadian and Asian markets makes it possible for us to offer the freshest fish to our customers with lower transportation costs.
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United States

Our warehouse in the USA maintains inventory and markets full range of Tunas, Cod, Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Salmon, Mullet, and other fish and seafood products for the distributor, foodservice and restaurant industry.
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Tuna Vessels

Our fleet is active in both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Access to raw materials from multiple locales combined with our long-term cooperation agreements enables us to guarantee a stable supply year-round.
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Our location in the beautiful Bay of Cádiz is ideal for natural open-sea farming, and our high-quality seafood ships from here daily throughout all of Europe, North America and the Middle East.
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Our farms in Scotland provide a natural environment in which salmon can swim against the ocean tides, resulting in the strongest and healthiest fish possible.
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Norway’s Rogaland is ideal for salmon production, with a natural network of deep fjords in the area that allow for deep-water fish farming year-round.
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