Through Seamax Global’s exclusive joint venture, multiple fish farms have combined to form a fish-rearing complex comprising approximately 1000 hectares dedicated mainly to gilthead sea bream and European sea bass.

Our location in the beautiful Bay of Cádiz is ideal for natural open-sea farming, and our high-quality seafood ships from here daily throughout all of Europe, North America and the Middle East.

One of our main operational advantages is that our stock can be harvested on demand based on customer need. As a result, any quantity can be taken, at any time of day or season of the year, regardless of adverse weather conditions. This accessibility guarantees maximum product freshness, health and quality.

We strive to provide our customers with fish of impeccable freshness and quality. To this end, we have a policy of controlled traceability, from the raw materials to the finished product, which includes our own hatcheries, farms, processing plants and logistics.

Our location in the wetlands of Cádiz is integral to our

operations, as it provides our stock with access to an abundant supply of highly nutritional natural food. This arrangement has resulted in a unique, symbiotic relationship between industry and environment unseen in conventional aquaculture facilities.

Lying halfway between the Atlantic tides of the Bay of Cádiz and the Mediterranean waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, the area includes the dry lagoon of La Janda as well as a number of other smaller lagoons, making it the largest wetlands in Europe. The lagoons, marshes, inlets, channels and saltwater estuaries which make up this pristine natural environment provide habitat for a remarkable variety of birds.

Since 2005, much of the area has transformed into truly unique aquaculture complex in which the fish farms of the region have come together to form a highly productive fish-rearing facility of enormous environmental importance.

With a philosophy based on respect for the natural environment which provides the raw materials for these farms, we are the only company of our type to harmonize industry with the environmental, ecological and aesthetic needs of its surroundings.