The environment of Norway’s Rogaland is ideal for salmon production: the Gulf Stream provides pleasant temperatures year-round, there is excellent seawater circulation, and good sites are easily accessible. In addition, the natural network of deep fjords in the area allows for deep-water fish farming, and the depth of these sites ensures a constant temperature that can be maintained year-round.

These optimum conditions have enabled us to grow fish of outstanding quality, with high color and low fat content.

And because high-quality smelt production is also an important factor in successful salmon production, we are heavily invested in the development of state-of-the-art hatcheries.

The key components of ideal farming sites are good currents, clean water, and the ongoing monitoring and modification of facilities to ensure the best placement for each location. We have built our reputation on our use of best practices in fish health and welfare, our modern and efficient processing facilities, and our always high-quality products.