Open-sea Farming


Organic Fish Farming in Spain: The unique geographic location of the Bay of Cádiz in Spain plays an integral role in the superior quality of Seamax Organic Sea Bass and Sea Bream. Raised in open seawaters on all-natural feed, these fish are healthier and more delicious than their traditionally farmed counterparts.

Several key factors make Seamax Organic Sea Bass and Sea Bream exceptional:

Natural Habitat: Seamax Organic Sea Bass and Sea Bream are raised in the open seawaters of the Bay of Cádiz, not in fishponds.

Organic Feed: The fish subsist on all-natural, organic nutrients that originate in the sea rather than being fed manmade supplements such as chicken feed, resulting in healthier, less-stressed fish.

Exercise: By swimming through the currents of the Bay of Cádiz, Seamax Organic Sea Bass and Sea Bream burn more fat to develop into naturally leaner fish.

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Famous chef Dan Barber discusses a dilemma currently facing many chefs: how to keep fish on the menu. Here he chronicles his pursuit of fish that he has enjoyed since discovering outrageously delicious fish raised by a revolutionary farming method in Spain.